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Two US soldiers raped Japanese woman in Okinawa

They also attacked the woman in the head. The local residents have been protesting against US bases in Okinawa for many years.

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Japanese officials and the public on the 17th severely reprimanded two U.S. soldiers raped a Japanese woman, urged the U.S. side to serious discipline. The Okinawa local councilors and the public once again requires the removal of U.S. military bases.

Installment of "crazy"

Chung, Shinko was 17, well, Okinawa Prefecture, to meet in the capital, Tokyo, and Defense Minister Morimoto sensitive condemned the two U.S. 16 on suspicion of rape in Okinawa, a Japanese women, the word "crazy".

Chung Ino told Morimoto, the central government must be "strongly demanded that the U.S. government with the Japanese police investigation, and serious Gangji.

Morimoto respond to the event as "extremely harsh nature, in any case unacceptable". The Japanese sid


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