Video exposes how CNN provides air time to legitimize al-Qaeda terrorists that conducted 9/11

In this CNN video from August 1st we see CNN giving air time to Jabat al-Nusra Front directly after their name change. They allow these internationally known terrorists the ability to explain their philosophy while not questioning them on their murderous methods, including beheadings, eating human organs, torturing prisoners, burning people alive, etc. Instead, CNN provides a full 1 minute and 40 seconds so their leader can explain that he “enjoy’s local autonomy”. According to the spokesperson, these terrorists no longer “report to anyone” and are “a completely independent external entity”. CNN then further carries water for the terrorist by explaining that “neither he nor his organization has any intention of carry out attacks in the west outside of Syria”.

CNN then allows the terrorist to explain that “when they were part of al-Qaeda their core focus was to focus all of their energy on the Syrian issue” and also that “they do not intend to change that policy”.


By: californiastars (572.60)

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Location: Saudi Arabia