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Military Study Links Battlefield Concussions to Stress Disorder

About one in six combat troops returning from Iraq have suffered at least one concussion in the war, injuries that, while fleeting, could heighten their risk of developing post-traumatic stress disorder, researchers are reporting.

The study, given early release on Wednesday by The New England Journal of Medicine, is the military’s first large-scale attempt to gauge the effect of mild head injuries — concussions, many of them from roadside blasts — which some experts worry may be causing a host of unrecognized neurological deficits.

The new report finds that soldiers who had concussions were more likely than those with other injuries to report a variety of symptoms in their first months back home, including headaches, poor sleep, and balance problems. . But they were also at higher risk for the stress disorder, known as PTSD, and that accounted for the most of the difference in comp


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