Man stabs girlfriend in the back after not buying alcohol

A man and a woman came to the liquor store. They were determined for a long time with the purchase. It was evident that the man was in a state of intoxication, and his companion on his face could see traces of beatings.
The saleswomen got the impression that the woman is not going to buy anything, but wants to tell her something. Maybe ask for help. The man suddenly hit the woman with a knife in the back area and quickly left the store, leaving the companion lying on the floor in a pool of blood.

The injuries where a closed craniocerebral trauma of a mild degree was diagnosed, brain concussion, stab wound of the lumbar region to the left with damage to the intercostal artery, a through injury of the aorta, closed abdominal injury and rupture of the right lobe of the liver. Despite the efforts of physicians, who for several days fought for the life of the victim, the woman was not able to save.


By: ThisIsButter (24979.10)

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Location: Minsk, Belarus