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USA at war (again)

What is it with USA,
that makes them go to war every 10-20 years?

If you are in a hurry, you can go straight
to the end of my post

+ Reasoning +

= Reasons =

I will skip the
"we fight for freedom and liberty
for the entire world" part.
I am not a child to believe this stuff,
neither are you.
And I will discuss the more serious reasons.

One basic reason obviously is the war industry.
They make money out of war,
and will do anything to promote another one.

One other reason might be geostrategic,
economical, etc.
.In Vietnam they said, they wanted to
stop the expansion of communism.
.In Panama, it's obvious.
The control of the canal is very important,
in military terms, in trade as well.
.In first oil (Iraq) war,
they wanted to stop evil Saddam
from taking the oil of Kuwait.
.In second oil (Iraq) war,
they w


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