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UK: 'workers' at UK's only wind turbine factory barricade themselves in...demand government take over.

The turbnine factory isnt even owned by the UK, its a Danish firm that was nice enough to build the plant there...and take advantage of the cheap labor. lol

Now that the global warming farse has been exposed the demand for this snake oil is dropping...instead of finding a more productive way to make a living, the peasants revolt.

Wind turbine workers revolt in UK’s first green collar strike

by Published Tue 21 Jul 2009 11:39

Workers are staging a sit-in at the Vestas turbine plant

Protestors from environmental groups have this morning joined striking workers at the UK’s only wind turbine blade factory.

As previously reported on ClickGreen, the Vestas plant in Newport on the Isle of Wight is due to be closed at the end of the month with the loss of 525 jobs.

Around 25 employees barricaded themselves into the admin building on the site at 7.30


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