Accelerated Precision Mortar Initiative (APMI) Cheep GPS guided mortar shells.

In early November 2012, ATK completed the production and delivery of more than 4,000 precision mortar cartridges (XM395,120mm mortars) to the U.S. Army. This final delivery accomplished ATK’s contract in support of the Army’s Accelerated Precision Mortar Initiative (APMI) and establishes the baseline for future precision mortar programmes.

“Our precision guidance fuze technology has proven that existing mortar and artillery munition inventories can quickly and reliably be transformed into precision weapons,” said Dan Olson, Vice President and General Manager for ATK’s Armament Systems Division.

“While we’ve completed the work for APMI, we are currently producing Precision Guidance Kits for (PGK) for 155mm artillery under a similar Army urgent material request and have been chosen by the Marine Corps to prove a design for a Precision Extended Range Mortar.”

The Army sponsored APMI to meet operational needs for a precision, 120mm mortar capability for reliable response to enemy engagements – especially in mountainous terrain inaccessible to artillery.

A Soldier prepares to drop the first Accelerated Precision Mortar Initiative round fired from a Stryker Double-V Hull Mortar Carrier Vehicle in Afghanistan.

A recision guided mortar provides field commanders with indirect fire capability to successfully engage targets while mitigating collateral damage. Additionally, greater accuracy reduces the number of rounds required to successfully defeat targets while reducing in-theatre logistical requirements and also providing collateral effect mitigation.

The APMI cartridge has a requirement of 10 meters CEP, or Circular Error Probable. APMI combat rounds fired in Afghanistan are exceeding the requirement, Hom said.

Ten meters CEP means that if you drew a circle around a target at 10 meters radius, the rounds have to fall inside the circle 50 percent of the time.

The dismounted 120 mm mortar systems in Afghanistan are often kept at mortar positions in Forward Operation Bases and Combat Outposts throughout the country. Now that APMI has been integrated with a mobile platform, the battle space where the APMI round can be used has increased.

Source: U.S. Army Acquisition Support Center