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Grip of the Black Gold

A song I wrote about Climate Change and our dependence on Oil and Fossil Fuels.
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Grip of the Black Gold

Words & Music ©2006 Steve Blexrud/Blex Music

There is a silence all around
and there's a hotter sun that's rising.
And in the nature of it all,
there's dollar bills and politics disguising.

The science told us what we'd see,
if we changed the world by one degree.
Now there is turbulence aloft,
another storm heads for the mainland.

One day in a new world, they just might understand,
our outrage at the ignorance we cast upon the land.
They said "to change would cost too much,
so drill another hole". We're living at the mercy of our
grip of the black gold.

This is our only time and place,
we can't seem to slow our blinding pace.
But distant smoke begins to drift,
and glacial ice begins t

Added: Mar-27-2008 
By: flarth
Tags: Black gold, Global warming, climate change, oil, gas, environment, energy, music, song, grassroots, politics
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