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Afghanistan - "Taliban terror" (Jul.2001)
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"Images of exhumed bodies from mass graves show some victims were skinned by the Taliban soldiers. Ethnic Hazaras, part of the Shia Muslim minority claim they are being targeted by the Sunni Muslim Talibans. "They beat all the men. We women and children were forced to flee... Many people died", tells one young girl. A woman lies curled up under a blanket. Nine months pregnant she walked through snow for two days. Her child did not survive. For many Afghanis staying is simply not an option. Those who can are still making their way by foot to "Jalozai" in Pakistan - a plastic sea of tents housing at least 80,000 people that sprung up at the end of last year. But they are unwelcome here and supplies are virtually non-existent. Nazar Mohammad lost his 3 year old daughter to dehydration and a chest infection. "My father told me not to leave Afghanistan. 'Stay here with us despite the hunger,

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