Raw Video, Jets 'Gate D Party'

Fans at Giants Stadium are caught on tape engaged in lewd behavior during halftime of the Jets-Steelers game on Nov. 18, 2007.
On Sunday, visiting Steelers fan Dawn Gottschalk unknowingly walked into the crowd where she says hundreds of men singled her out and screamed for her to show her breasts.
"People were touching me and things like that and it was very, very frightening," Gottschalk said.
When Gottschalk refused, it got ugly. "They started yelling obscenities and throwing beer bottles. And spitting and it was really intimidating."
In a written statement, State Senate President Richard Codey on Tuesday called for the state police and New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority to increase security, adding:

"Apparently, Gate D stands for drunk and disgusting. It's beyond comprehension why security personnel would tolerate such behavior. ?"