Official threatens voter fraud whistleblower Audio only

Official threatens voter fraud whistleblower

There has been a tremendous amount of information being kicked around the blogs about the Florida straw poll fiasco. A lot of the blogs use terms like ?it was rumored that? or ?I heard that?.

Forget the rumors; here is a short audio clip from the actual person who said she was threatened by Pinellas County REC Chairman Tony DeMatteo. She said that this happened after she brought voting issues to his attention:

1. Straw poll tickets were sold with a 1 vote per ticket (per person) claim, but Romney voters at the polls were voting multiple times with one ticket. When asked about multiple voting, election officials pushed the camera away (yes there is video, but not in this clip)

2. The voting machines registered some votes for Romney when the final ?verifiy? option was used, even though the voter had selected Ron Paul. Officials were immediately notified and did nothing. Bloggers point out that these are the same voting machines which are used in the elections. Florida doesn?t buy separate machines for straw polls.

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