It seems Yatsenyuk is being hung out to dry.

Yatsenyuk seems to be getting stressed and desperate about the situation he finds himself in.
He looks like a rabbit in the spotlight.

Yatsenyuk confidently stated, just after Maidan, that they would drive the sub-human Russians from Ukraine. Now he's on the side of US independence and freedom and liberties.

Yatsenyuk channels the Neocons in this interview with the Minions of the dark lord Murdoch

"The United States of America is the leader of the free world. We are fighting for our independence and we are fighting for our freedoms and liberties and this is our joint work to fight together.....I believe Obama did and will do everything to support Ukraine."

Yats' Rats swallowed the Neocon lies and enabled a slaughter and now they have to pay the piper.

A tearful Senator McCain has said he's ashamed that he hasn't been able to arm his Right Sector brothers with lethal weapons.