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Nancy Pelosi is an Idiot and Barack Obama has No Balls...
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What's next? I'll tell you what's next...

The stimulus package! The stimulus package!! I'm sick of turning on the t.v. everyday and listening to people talk about the stimulus package.

50, 60, 70 people analyzing this thing.

Let me break it down to you in simplest terms. NOBODY is against the stimulus package! No Republican. No Democrat. No freaking person in this country is against the stimulus package.

We may not agree with it. We may not think it's a great idea to give tax rebates to people who don't pay taxes. We may not think it is a great idea to spend taxpayers money on infrastructure projects that won't even start for one or two years in the future. But, that doesn't mean we don't agree with the right that Barack Obama has to at least try, if he thinks that is going to work.

What people object to is the PORK! The pork that has been pushed into this freaking projec

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