Another boxtruck gets stuck under railway bridge over Gregson Street, Durham

05-19-2008 Durham, NC
Another boxtruck hits the Gregson St train trestle.
This one gets stuck and they have to let air out of the tires to get it out.
The pedestrian under the trestle who almost gets hit by the flying debris.
Gregson Street is a one-way road running south through downtown Durham.
The bridge , owned by Norfolk Southern Railway, has a series of bright yellow warning signs and employs an electronic sensor that sets off flashing lights to warn tall trucks.
At 11 feet, 8 inches, the bridge is low, yes. But it is also clearly marked as such.
The truck-shredding bridge, at Gregson and Peabody streets, is notorious among police, truck drivers and tow-truck operators. Too-tall trucks barreling under it come out with convertible tops.

The bridge has a Raleigh counterpart -- the Peace Street railroad overpass -- where truckers also miss the message.

Of the 46 accidents at the Durham intersection since 2000, 30 were caused by trucks banging into the bridge, according to statistics compiled by the state Department of Transportation. Damages totaled more than $115,000.