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Former NH Legislator reveals Eisenhower Briefed on ET Presence.

You know you want it. ET's gonna save the world.

See attached pic goodness to confirm McElroy and Ron Paul hang together (and occasionally play dominoes).

Transcript Follows:


Hello, I’m speaking with you from Fort Monroe, Virginia. We’re also known as The Gateway to Freedom.

We sit right next to a little town called Phoebus, Virginia. Interestingly, they call themselves The Gateway to the New World.

Phoebus sits inside of Hampton, Virginia whose motto is First from the Sea, First to the Stars.

My name is Henry McElroy, Jr. a retiring, former State Representative from New Hampshire. Thank you for your attention to this brief message concerning the world’s interaction with both earth-based, and off-world astronauts.

The reason I am making this announcement is in the hopes of encouraging better perspective to all who explore the universe.


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