Supermarket employee throwing food vandalizing goods

A now ex-supermarket worker has been caught on camera throwing eggs, licking a raw chicken before stacking it back on the shelf for customers to buy and vandalizing furniture.

It is part of a sickening video in which the man laughs and gloats as he wreaks havoc during a series of night shifts at the 24-hour-store.

The footage, filmed by a friend on a mobile phone shows the employee as he urinates in a bin, sets off fire extinguishers then films firefighters arriving and then pokes his fingers in, stamps on and licks a raw chicken.

The man is also seen slashing colleague's clothes, wrecking a staff room and playing filthy pranks with food products.

The spree led to the staffroom being closed and a £50 reward offered for information.

He boasts and jokes as he gives a running commentary throughout the video.

Adeel Ayub worked at Asda in Fulwood between 2005 and 2008.

In much of the film, the man is sporting the supermarket's distinctive green uniform as he wreaks havoc in the aisles, smashing up stock.

He then returns to the store in 2009 dressed in a hoodie - after he has left Asda's employment - where he is seen licking and stamping on raw chickens before putting them back on the shelf.

The mobile phone footage is thought to have been filmed by an Asda employee over a series of night-time shifts.

He is heard referring to the film as a 'top secret video' that is 'never going to get released.'

In increasingly vulgar footage the worker pokes his fingers in, stands on and licks raw chickens, urinates in a bin in the gents' toilets which he kicks over, and plays 'Asda cricket' with food produce.

He also breaks trophies awarded to the store, hurls boxes of eggs around the warehouse, and plays 'Asda football' with boxes of stock.

The footage begins with the man in his Asda uniform in the staff section of the superstore releasing a fire extinguisher.

As firefighters are filmed attending the call out he is heard to boast: 'I think this baby is my last video because if I get caught I'll probably get sacked.

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, which confirmed it received two false alarm calls to the store in 2008, today condemned the footage.

Spokesman John Taylor said: 'We deplore this behaviour. Hoax calls take up firefighters time and setting off an alarm system takes crews away from genuine emergencies. It's a criminal activity.

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