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9/11 core ommisions.

Clear factual vision of remnant core columns on CNN. AFTER THE COLLAPSE STARTS, nearing the end of the collapse. To the point of the video start, 47 high tensile continuously welded steel columns have passed through the path of most resistance, their own axes (plural of axis) rapidly. Clearly the columns have not distorted away from their own axes into a path of least resistance. Each columns has not broken at 1 point of metal fatigue after radically distorting, rather the breaks are clean. The breaks occur at multiple point up both buildings, no long strings distorted or not, are in the remnants. Then the vid ends with the columns falling away. FEMA & NIST don't explain post 'global collapse' of
WTC1+2 the behaviour of the 47X2 continuously core columns of the 2
buildings in either their respective 'pancake' of 'hat truss'
explanations, ALL FACTS. Now CONJECTURE, I believe it mig

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By: rozza2012
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