Jewish war correspondent in Ukraine: 'Either you consider all people equal, or you’re a fascist.'

Today is June 22nd, [an anniversary of Nazi invasion of USSR and the murder of 10 million Soviet civilians, 3 million of them Jews]. I'm not going to retell that story, or post mourning candles and such.

I’ll just tell you again about the rise of new Nazis. Under new flags and names. Although the old ones are slipping from under the nationalist’s ornamental shirts... but I'm getting ahead of myself. So, those who want cool insider info - I'm sorry, but not today. For the rest of you - this is a post about household fascism.

Just now, a childhood friend called me. These days, he is a big fan of One Ukrainian Nation and a fighter against 'Putin's fascism'. He told me that I picked the wrong side, that DPR has many anti-Semites and that I am in danger. They’re gonna get me for my ethnicity, any day now. Of course, this is very bad, in Kiev-controlled areas this is impossible, and so on and so forth. Moreover, this also means we've got fascism, and that's bad, not normal ... uncivilized (I’ll point out that everything is fine and I never had any trouble from anti-Semites or “Russian nazis”).

Then the conversation moved on to shelling of Donetsk and the current war. And it turned out that killing Muscovites in the name of One Ukrainian Nation it is absolutely normal and even very good. “Well, we must, of course, minimize casualties. But after the victory we also must deny citizenship and evict surviving Muscovites. No, concentration camps and genocide aren’t civilized, we are Europeans after all. Just strip civil rights and kick out of the country.'

So, if I lose my job in the DPR because I’m a Jew, that would be inexcusable; but if I get hit by random terror shelling because I’m a Russian, that is quite alright. A good thing, even.

I am, of course, incredibly grateful that Ukrainian nationalists are now so focused on getting rid of Muscovites, they’re even ready to be friends rather than enemies with Jews. But I do not need such a handout. I'm against anyone being second-class citizens. It does not matter who it is - 'Kikes', 'Muscovites', 'Downbassites' etc. Either you consider all people equal, or you’re a fascist.

And that’s how, every day, we see the collars of black uniforms peeking from under nationalist’s embroidered shirts.

'If you're listening to this, you are the resistance.'(c) SOURCE


From the translator:
1. Unfortunately, most Western commenters don’t understand either Ukrainian history or the current conflict and post inane stuff like “Ukrainians should kick out Russian occupiers”.

News flash: modern Ukraine was made by the Bolsheviks out of 'Central Ukraine' (which was more or less historic Ukraine), “South and East Ukraine” - Russian lands added in 1928 and 1954 (worth noting that during the Civil War of 1918-21,, Lugansk,,, and Soviet republics and fought against German puppets in Kiev, just like DLPR today), and added in 1939 (Polish-occupied since 14th century, and rabidly Russophobic).

In other words, the Russians have about as much right to live in Ukraine as French have to live in Canada.
And just as much right to be pissed now that West Ukrainians have taken over Kiev, as the Canadian French would if foreign-backed English extremists overthrew elected government in Ottawa, threw French MPs out of parliament, and cut off all ties with France.

2. On the subject of Ukrainian nationalist attitude towards Jews: pogroms were always the nationalist’s favorite sport both in 1918-21 and 1941-45, but these days nationalists promote the myth that they aren’t to blame for the mass killing of ~2 million Jews in Ukraine in WWII - that’s all evil Nazis.

That is only partly true: nationalists did not orchestrate the mass killing of Jews (apart from some West Ukraine where estimated 25,000 Jews were killed) simply because they did not have separate combat units during the stage when almost all Ukrainian Jews were either killed or herded into ghettos.

UPA only started acting independently of the Nazi forces in 1943; until then, nationalists mostly served as Nazi Polizei forces, and one of their jobs was…