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Anti Wal-Mart film screening packs church basement in DC

Perhaps 60 people packed into a room at Plymouth Congregational Church on Feb 18 to see and discuss the film "The high price of low wages" about what Wal-Mart has done to every community where they have a store-or a sweatshop.

The film was shocking, even to those of us who have always despised Wal-Mart's business model and spending on right-wing causes. The sweatshops, the long hours off the clock both in factories and their stores, the environmental recklessness all had to be seen to be believed!

Especially noteworthy was Wal-mart "associates" meaning employees, saying again and again that when they could not afford Wal-Marts $75 per paycheck for health insurance or could not feed their families on Wal-Mart's meager paychecks that they should apply for Medicaid and food stamps! In other words, every single Wal-Mart store is only able to stay open because of "generous" public subsi

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