Russian tank T-72B3 in Ukraine. Comparison tanks. (photo)

Russian trolls can not rest. They say that the Russian tanks (T-72B3) captured in Ukraine is not Russian, and it's not the T-72B3. They say that these tanks what the other country. They say it's the tanks T72m or T72b2 "Rogatka", or what ever else, that Russia is exported. But this is a lie.
Less words - more photos.
"We consider only the external differences"

First, a simple tank t-72.

T-72A. Added a rubber "skirt" (1), grenades (2), and a new tank sight.

After Added the reactive armor on the T-72A, it was renamed the T-72AV.
Reactive armor sets as "herringbone"

T-72B. Adopted in 1985. Reactive armor not "herringbone".

Clearly visible sight 1K13.

T-72B1. Produced along with the T-72B. No 1K13.

T-72BM. 1989. Reactive armor "Kontakt-5".

T-72B1 wish "Kontakt-5"

T-72BA 1999. "Kontakt-5" or "Kontakt-1"
(appeared wind sensor.)

T-72B2 "Rogatka" wish new sight "Sona-U"

T-72M1M. wish new sight "Sona-U"
Exporting tank with sight "Sosna-U". Added Reactive armor "Relict"

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T-72 captured in Ukraine.

T-72B3 russian tank.T-72B3 (2011) - an upgraded version of the T-72B; began to be delivered to the Russian army in 2012. The tank has the latest reactive armor "Kontakt-5", B-84-1 engine capacity of 840 hp, TSBV, multi sight "Sosna-U", wind sensor, the latest communication tools.

Russian-Belarusian sight "Sosna-U" main distinguishing feature.

Moreover, the on the tank says that this tank modifications "B". 1989 of release.
So this is the modifiable T-72B3.

Conclusion. This is 100% Russian tank T-73B3. russian tanks near the border with Ukraine.

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