Puerto Rico's Catman, Glen Venezio

Meet Glen Venezio, Puerto Rico's "Catman". Glen feeds and takes care of over 250 cats, and some dogs, in his neighborhood in San Juan, Puerto Rico; with minimal donations. Watch his inspiring story.
Glen Venezio, originally from New Jersey and New York City, has been living in San Juan, Puerto Rico since 2006. Shortly after his arrival there, he began doing his part to aid some of the estimated 1 million cats and dogs on the streets and beaches of the island. He does a nightly feeding route for about 250 cats and some dogs, never having missed one single night in 10 years. He has also been working to spay/neuter the animals, in addition to aiding the police with cruelty cases, and various animal activist efforts, including staging battles against a planned monkey breeding farm and a planned dolphinarium. It is an uphill battle in Puerto Rico, where there is constant abandonment, many extreme cases of animal cruelty, and widespread indifference by the government and population to the situation.


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Location: San Juan, San Juan, Puerto Rico