Trial Of Man Who Beat Up Priest Who Raped Him When He Was 7 Starts Tomorrow

Priest Raped Brothers When One Was 7 And the Other 4

A man accused of beating up a priest who he says molested him as a seven-year-old boy sobbed as he recounted the horrific details of the alleged abuse.

In the heartbreaking interview, Will Lynch added that he is looking forward to facing his abuser in court at the assault trial this week - as he was never dragged before a judge for his alleged crimes.
'I've always wanted the opportunity to bring the truth into the light,' said Lynch, who now lives in San Fransisco, California. 'I did [it] for compelling reasons. There's a system here that's broken.'

Explaining why he pummeled Father Jerold Lindner in May 2010, leaving him with bruises and in need of stitches, Lynch told the San Jose Mercury News: 'I did everything I could do under the law.

'Where does my moral obligation to myself, to society... supersede the law of the land and his rights?'

In the interview, he recounted the horrific abuse during religious camping trips in the Santa Cruz Mountains in 1975 - when he was seven and his brother was just four.

He sobbed as he detailed how Father Jerry cornered him in his tent and forced him to perform a sex act on him. Later, he dragged the boy to his own tent - where Lynch's brother was already waiting.

'I felt like I was being led to the slaughter,' he said. 'I remember thinking at that time, I'm not going to get out of this. I thought he was going to kill me.'

There, he allegedly raped Lynch as he was forced to commit a sex act on his younger brother. Father Jerry said if the two boys ran for help, he would kill their little sister.