Aussie face wash ad 'most disgusting ever'

For the pus lovers on LL....

A new Australian commercial for a men’s face wash product which features home videos of people popping their pimples has been labelled one of the "most disgusting ads ever".

The online commercial, made for Melbourne-based skincare company Oxy by the agency Naked Communications, opens with people poking and prodding their pimples while peering in bathroom mirrors.

Things quickly turn messy in the second half of the ad when increasingly enormous pimples are burst in time to exultant music.

Viewers are then urged to go to the Oxy website for a free sample of its men's face wash product.

The ad was quickly branded "revolting" by the media commentary website Adweek who described it as the "most disgusting ad ever".

The commercial was uploaded to YouTube earlier this week and has since attracted more than 58,000 views.

Perhaps surprisingly the ad has attracted more "likes" than "dislikes".

"Brilliant ad idea. Have you SEEN how popular the gross zit popping videos on youtube are? Perfectly angled to the target demographic, hilarious, entertaining, and in a way disturbingly satisfying to watch. Very clever of the ad agency behind this," one YouTube viewer wrote.

"I'm trying to lose weight, and every time I start having cravings for food I just turn to this video. Makes me nauseous instantly. Can't even eat a raisin without wanting to barf for an hour," another comment read.

Oxy marketing manager Debra Smith told ninemsn the company was happy with the response to the ad.

"The reaction has been 'Oh my God, it's gross' but the thing is it's real," she said.

"We are a small brand and we need to build awareness with our target market. We love the end result."

Ms Smith said the commercial was made by compiling home videos of pimple popping uploaded to YouTube and that everyone who appeared in the ad had given their permission for the footage to be used.

Oxy had no plans to put the ad on television, she said.