Houston homeowner holds 3 burglary suspects at gunpoint until cops arrive

HOUSTON -- A man came home Wednesday morning to find three juvenile suspects inside his northwest Houston home, police said.

It happened at about 8:30 a.m. in the 5500 block of Bent Bough near Maple Tree.

When Randy Magdeleno entered his home he said he heard voices.

I grabbed my rifle and I came around through here in my kitchen," he
said. "It was scary, I didn't know what I was walking into and hearing
people running around inside my house at the same time. I didn't know if
they were carrying weapons around or not."

He said he caught two
juveniles downstairs and told them to lie on the floor. Then he ordered
a third person who was upstairs to get on the floor.

"I wanted
to keep them calm because I was outnumbered and you know, like I said,
at anytime if they felt fear, I know they would have overtaken me," he

Magdeleno wasn't able to call 911 from his cell phone so he had to call his wife at her job so she could call.

Police arrived and took the three juveniles into custody.

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