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Live Fire crosstraining with Hutaree, Ohio Militia, and Colonial Marines

this is a music video they made form training

i marked this as family oriented bc thats what the militia is

-comments from the original source

"We train all ages and sizes of people,lol! The
family units are toatally integrated with 2 to 3 generations training together so that skills are pased on taking advantage of 60 to
70 years of experience between them.Very cool!
Socialists hate our family skills,lol!Victoy!
Mark Gregory,,Koernke GDW!"

"This was a class for people doing this for the first time with Live Fire. Its a Training Course to get the movement down with Live Fire. Key Word here is "Training". They did go over Concealment and Cover. This is just a Music video of the training op. and dosnt show everything."

"Thank you. This is a phase one live fire event and as you will see in future videos the class will advance and perfect its techique.Note the oth

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