It's Started: Kiev to take 250 refugees from Syria

Ukrainian authorities have agreed to the settlement of the first instalment of migrants from Syria in the town of Yahotin near Kiev.

Refugees will be accommodated in the hostel, which was originally built for victims of Chernobyl.
Deputy of the Kyiv Oblast Council Armen Saharanc provided this information.

"Rich Europe refuses to accept refugees but for impoverished Ukraine, even in a State of war – it's no problem. Yahotyn is a small town and 250 refugees will become a nightmare for us: diseases, widespread drug addiction in the East, inadequate behavior of refugees as we have seen in Europe; oh, and their perception of the local population, the risk that they will call us racists; we have many hot heads here too. Construction of the Center has eaten already more than one million grivens. In Ukraine there are more than a million of our own refugees. Ukrainians themselves are looking for opportunities to go somewhere to escape. And we are getting ready to accept refugees. At a time when hundreds of families, including ATO veterans, are standing in line to receive housing. But nobody cares about public opinion, " he wrote on his social network page.

The day before a meeting of local residents opposing the appearance of migrants was held in Yahotin

Natalia Naumenko, representing the Ukrainian migration service, said that the
settlement of Syrians is required by agreement with the European Union in Kiev.
According to her, the EU will allocate money for the provision of the refugees. "It's all
for more money and jobs for the community," the official argues.

As if Ukraine did not have enough problems, now it is a victim of the disastrous Middle Eastern policy of the USA and its European lackeys.


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Location: Yahotyn, Kyivs'ka oblast, Ukraine