Love Of The Damned - otherwise known as WTF!?

This is a clip from the ?film? Faust: Love of the Damned based on the execrable comic book by artist Tim Vigil and writer David Quinn which featured graphic violence and sex. Also, demons. Occasionally, by which I mean often, these were featured in combination, allowing Mr. Vigil to draw severed penises, severed demon penises, and severed demon penises ejaculating onto a nude woman, or nude women depending on if said severed ejaculation took place during one of the numerous orgy scenes, in which he could render bodies in a vast array of different positions seemingly in order to better display his complete lack of knowledge of human anatomy, meaning that most of the attendees had four hundred extra muscles.

In lieu of padding all of his actors with eight extra abdominal muscles, director Brian Yuzna decided to accentuate the more grotesque side of the series?s sexuality. In this scene Mephistopheles, or ?M? as he is known, punishes a treacherous harlot by inducing some sort of powerful, gooey super-orgasm which then inflates her breasts and buttocks until she is rendered a sobbing, quivering mass of lactating T and A with a face.


By: Mangawitch (1044.00)

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