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Bill O'Reilly denying, lying and falsifying - "no one on FoxNews ever said you'll be jailed if you don't buy healthcare."

Evidently, Bill O'Reilly's idea of defending his network's journalistic honor is to lie, blatantly and repeatedly..... and not just to his national TV audience, but to a Republican U.S. Senator to boot.

Last night on his Fox News show, BillO -- incensed by Sen. Tom Coburn's suggestion that Fox News' coverage of the health-care debate was misleading and biased -- tried to claim that no one on Fox had ever suggested that you'll get thrown in jail if you don't buy health insurance.

O'Reilly claimed it three times in the course of the interview, each time with escalating falsity, culminating with the claim that his staff had carefully researched the question and found that no one at Fox had ever said it.

Oh really? Because as you can see, there is video that demonstrates clearly otherwise.

Glenn Beck, as a matter of fact, said it on his own Fox News show -- and he said it on Bill

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By: EventHorizon2012
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