Passing A Kidney Stone


Thanks for all the well wishes. Here are some answers to common questions posted.

What size was it?
About 5mm

How did you know it was going to pass?
On the previous attempt it lodged in the urethra, but not enough pressure left to push it on through, so I drank a liter of water, waited for a full bladder and let-r-rip.

Why did you post this?
I wasn't going to, but I couldn't find another example where a passing stone was filmed, so it was more out of curiosity. I've found that a lot of people struggle with stones and others are just really curious. Liveleak is my favorite community for the infinitely curious.

Can they be treated?
I've passed approximatly 20 stones in 4 countries. Most of the time these stones are small enough to pass without surgical intervention. I've had extracorporeal lithotripsy 3 times (non-invasive shock waves try to break larger stones into smaller pieces) and laser lithotripsy once. (small laser and basket sent in through the urethra to zap stones and pull out the pieces). In the US, these procedures are very expensive and anesthesia is used to put you under during the procedure. In Korea, I found a doctor who had one piece of equipment in a room the size of a walk-in closet. They didn't use any anesthesia, but they were succesfully able to break up the stone after about 1,500 blasts. I only paid $500 for this... :-) I'm not sure I would recommend it though. It was pretty difficult to lay motionless for the 1.5 hours of constant hammering.

What can I do to prevent this?
Best way to avoid them is to drink a lot of water so that your kidneys flush and are less likely to collect mineral deposits. Two teaspoons of lemon juice with water is also a common recommendation.
Other common contributing foods. Soda, Salt, Cafeen, Oxolate producing vegitables, red meat. - Pretty much all the crap you already knew was bad... with a few surprises, like spinach for example.


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