Gregory Markel "Strong As I Am" video bio.

Markel, known
to fans as "The Voice" due to his emotive 4+ octave range
is an American Vocalist/Guitarist/Songwriter who spent time on U.S.
Rock Radio Charts at Number 1 in the early 90's via Warner Bros
Records recording group, Altered State. Markel's soulful and
explosive vocals have been compared by the press to some of the
greatest singers of our time including David Coverdale, Bono, Jeff
Buckley and Robert Plant. It has also been stated: “F*!K everyone

Markel is the Principal writer of The Prime Movers' hit "Strong
As I Am" which charted within The BBC Top 20 and was the song that propelled The Prime Movers to the forefront. A regular at The
Prime Movers' live shows was film director Michael Mann. Mann picked
the song for the pivotal spot in his cult thriller, Manhunter.
"Strong As I Am" was included in the Manhunter
soundtrack and was released by MCA as a single. Michael Mann liked it
so much that he personally financed the making of the "Strong As
I Am" video. The video was filmed on the roof of the L.A. Stock
Exchange Building. "Strong As I Am" was later used for the
pivotal spot in the 1990 Sci-fi flick Abraxas:
Guardian of the Universe.

The Manhuter Sountrack Ultimate Edition was release in 2001 and
included a live acoustic version of "Strong As I Am" performed by
Gregory Markel. "Strong As I Am" has made such an impact that it was
chosen as the "Song to Inspire Social Workers". It was also chosen by a
father to
the song heard while driving his newborn home for the first time. In
2007 due to fan demand The Prime Movers remastered and reissued the
single on Birdcage Records. And on April 6, 2010 Gregory Markel
performed "Strong As I Am", the favorite song of fallen hero Lance Cpl.
Rick J. Centanni during his memorial services at Riverside National

to his joining The Prime Movers, Markel was the vocalist for The Living
Daylights with Rusty Anderson (Ednaswap, Paul McCartney). 1984 saw the
release of their 4 song EP. Scoring on the charts with "Colleen".
After leaving The Prime Movers in 1986, Markel formed Altered State and performed throughout Orange County, Los Angeles and recorded their 4 song Presentation Tape which didn't take long to catch the
attention of Warner Bros. Releasing their debut 8/27/1991. "Ghost
Beside My Bed" single was released February 2nd 1992 and chainsawed it's
way to #1 on Rock Radio in California, Texas, Michigan, NY, Arizona and
Florida and went top 20 nationally. Altered State returned to the
studio in late 1992 and began recording the ambitious and
genre-challenging :[dos]:.

:[dos]: was released October 5th 1993 and included a beefed up version
of Markel's "Strong As I Am", recorded at the band's Manager's
insistence and was released as the first single. Warner's asked for an
acoustic version of the song as well for radio. This version is very
sought after by fans due to the dueling guitar solo between Curtis
Mathewson and Gregory Markel. The requests and love for the song has
made "Strong As I Am" a staple in Markel's performances to this day.

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