Jihadi Pigs Refuse Humanitarian Aid Because Of Red Cross

ISIL extremists disguised as migrants refuse humanitarian aid because it's not HALAL because of Red Cross on the boxes yesterday on the Macedonian border. They said they would accept only humanitarian aid which is HALAL with green Islamic crescent on it. ISIL extremists disguised as migrants suspect that in the packages there was a pork, which is HARAM in accordance with their religion. Instead the help in the food packages they requested Western money which is HALAL. They accepted tea and water aid, but they demanded the Red Cros signes first to be removed. They explained that the Red Cross remind them of crusaders (BTW the last crusader state was destroyed seven centuries ago).

Yesterday the Macedonian (FYROM) police have battle with them in an attempt to stop them to illegally pass the border to enter Macedonia. Normally they don't care, because they just pass Macedonia and go further with their main destination targets England/Germany/Sweden. Yesterday, Macedonian police wont let them pass, to comply with the requirements of the Western governments. The riots erupted, Arabs shouting "Allahu ekber" threw stones on the police, and police responded with batons and tear gas.

It should be noted that this illegal migrants are almost totally Muslims, most of them do not have any documents, they came mostly from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, the vast majority (80% of them) are men of military age between 20-30 years. So the first question is, why all this military age men in the best years of their life did not took the guns to fight for their country, since they claim that they flee from the war, and also why they just fled and left most of their women, children and the elderly behind in the country of origin, remember it's where the war is as they claim? And the second question is why they do not flee to the culturally closer rich Arab countries: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain?