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FNS Panel on Nigerian Bomber: Is Prez Most Concerned with Politics?

Today on Fox News Sunday, panelists were Bill Kristol, Juan Williams, Laura Ingraham and Jennifer Loven of the AP. The question came about regarding the Christmas-day attempt at blowing up the Northwest Airlines flight as it descended to the Detroit, Michigan airport.

As the discussion proceeded, Jennifer Loven said she had spoken with the White House and that they were really concerned about the politics of it all, and getting ahead of the PR curve. Ingraham rightly mentions shortly thereafter that that is the problem; the current administration is more concerned about brand "Obama" than they are the safety and security of this country. Loven later says she doesn't think that's the main concern, but it's certainly one of the primary concerns.

Then Juan dips his naieve toe in the water, stating that "we all know" this was a lone-wolf attack, to which Ingraham and Kristol both repe

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