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The rise of Zionism

The Rothschild Bloodline

Financial Wizards & Wealthy Cults
The Rothschild Bloodline

(The numbers behind some sentences and words (...) are references to the
bibliography list at the end of the article of course)
Two neighbor horse farmers came together one day to talk business. The
first farmer sold his horse to the second for a quarter million dollars,
and then bought it back for about $20 more. He could now advertise his
horse (actually worth $20), as a horse he that he had paid over a quarter
of a million dollars for.
We can laugh over such schemes. And perhaps we should laugh at ourselves
for having been fooled, for if there is one area in life that exceeds the
religious in deception, and touches all of us it is the financial. What
else can we do about it except laugh? Th


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