Holding Back Kids from Succeeding by Instilling Failure In Them

A caller into the Michael Medved Show brought to mind a couple of recent commentaries that dissuade the typical left-wing, "victicrat," mentality from holding a person back. The caller makes sure he instills in his kids an inferiority complex -- and drills it in -- so his kids will be sure to fail in life.

I follow up his call with short, truncated "responses" of sorts that show how a parent's instill in their kids this mentality wrongly. Dr. Condoleezza Rice even goes as far as saying THIS is racist. I end with Frederick Wilson the II's commentary.

All are truncated for making a point, but if you wish to see them more fully, here are the links:
Greg Gory: youtu.be/RecKhaU0IRk?list=UUbltpEoW3rC4zxW8RlzVbNwCondoleezz Rice: www.mediaite.com/tv/condi-rice-slams-appalling-dem-ads-on-fe Wilson the II: youtu.be/gPUcA7yrErg



By: Sean Giordano (976.30)

Tags: Greg Gory, Condoleezza Rice, Michael Medved, Frederick Wilson II

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