Experts: No fighters present on Russian MH17 radar images

Russian radar images of flight MH17 do not show any sign of fighters. This is stated by four experts in the field of radar and air traffic control confronted with the images, the Dutch television Nieuwsuur reported last night.

One of the leading experts in the field of radar technology is the Italian : "Based on these images , the presence of a fighter as an SU -25 can not be claimed. " According to Galati are much more information is needed .
"If the dots should propose a jet plane , then this does make very abrupt movements and is something to see very shortly ," said Bob Bevelander. For years he was an air traffic controller and since his early retirement he works as a freelance consultant. " The last part is the so-called fighter practically silent , that's really impossible for a fighter . "

Also a retired head of air traffic control radar systems at Schiphol doubts the theory. "With my radar knowledge I would dare to bet based on this material with a high commitment that no aircraft in the vicinity has been flight MH17."
Because of his written review Nieuwsuur was rebuked by his former employer, he does not want to be named.
The Russian Ministry of Defense held on July 21, 2014 a press conference in which radar images were shown of the eastern Ukrainian airspace on 17 July 2014. It would be a Ukrainian fighter can be seen.
Lieutenant-General Andrei Kartapolov: "The Russian air monitoring has detected an airplane taking off from the Ukrainian Air Force, presumably an SU-25, in the direction of the Malaysian Boeing 777."
Partly on the basis of these statements is prevalent in Eastern Ukraine and Russia the theory that an attack by a Ukrainian fighter responsible for the crash of flight MH17. But also in many Western social media Kiev will be held responsible for the downing of the Boeing.

Constructive conversation

According to Ukraine and the United States the Boeing 777 has been downed by a Buk missile. Chief Justice Fred Westerbeke indicated earlier that there are many indications for the downing of an antiaircraft missile from the ground, but he does not attack by a fighter jet.
The Prosecution last week Tuesday and Wednesday talked in Moscow about the transfer of evidence, as the radar images. Spokesman Wim de Bruin just want to say that a 'constructive dialogue' has occurred, but does not say whether the so-called 'legal recordings' actually transferred.


Radar Expert Galati: "It seems likely that the signals are the wreckage of MH17 on the screen than any other - possibly military - aircraft." A radar signal is normally made up of a primary radar, in which an antenna receives a 'echo' of an object. Additionally send aircraft themselves data to a secondary radar.
The corresponding signal is missing the secondary radar. Russia writes therefore the signal to a fighter, that this second radar can disable to conceal his presence.
But according to the experts, it is likely that the primary radar detects the wreckage of MH17 after the transponder of the secondary radar was devastated. Former air traffic controller Bevelander: "The probability that the dots are the fragments of MH17 is certainly very large, they were bulky parts."

No reponse

The radar signal was attributed earlier to falling debris, as in TU Delft Emeritus Professor Piet van Genderen believes it is a logical conclusion. "This story is complete. Falling debris are the most likely explanation."
Van Genderen previously radar expert at Dutch Aerospace Laboratory (NLR) and the Dutch manufacturer Thales radar.
Thales is not to evaluate the radar images and the NLR refused to respond because it is involved in the investigation into the crash. Also experts at TU Delft and the Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (LVNL) will therefore not respond. The Dutch Controllers Guild (VNLG) says "to connect any conclusions" to images.