Swarm robbery

Surveillance video catches droves of teenagers making their way into a Nevada convenience store then taking off with hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise.

It happened in Las Vegas Thursday. The large group of young men and women trickled into the city stop convenience store to rob the place.

The store owner says the crowd used a tactic called "swarm."

Almost everyone in the crowd, grabbing items off the shelves and in freezers so many people were involved, the clerk unable to stop them all.

Making matters worse, many left and came back a second time for more.
The owner also says the store clerk, who was working during the robbery, followed his training. "You can't allow this to happen, because it's going to break out into violence. Some cashier is going to decide that he's got to defend the property, and he'll get hurt," said Jon Athey

The thieves made off with at least $600.00 worth of items.