Death in the area ATO. Investigator for '' case Kolomoiskiy '' blew all the secrets to the grave

*WARNING : Bad google translation ahead. Proceed at your own risk :)

Sergiy Leshchenko

March 17 2015, 13:47

Deep behind the scenes of Ukrainian politics for more than a month are dramatic events in the near future can turn into political an earthquake.

Many have noticed that Igor Kolomoisky came to share information on the commission on privatization over the assets' Ukrrudprom "- the main raw material wealth of Ukraine. But few people know that this appearance Kolomoiskiy in public coincided with the approach of the Court in London, where he is preparing to consider the dispute between him and Pinchuk on these same assets and which are at stake $ 2 billion. And no one knows that the process of preparing for battle in London accompanied by unprecedented events, most of which occur in the shade.

This is not written in the press, although the incident deserves a wide resonance. Collecting the crumbs of information from various sources, today I can tell you the following.

So, did you know that in September last year, the former Attorney General Svyatoslav Piskun appealed to the Interior Ministry to complain about the fact that the son of ex-President Leonid Kuchma, Viktor Pinchuk threatened to kill him? The place where it supposedly happened - rural house Pinchuk where Piskun stopped to visit. After which police questioned first Piskunov, and then Pinchuk. Last reported that threatened Piskunov, and vice versa, allegedly fished out a confession that Piskun received a bribe of $ 50 million for the closure of the case against Kolomoiskiy on the assassination of lawyer Sergei Karpenko.

All this is important because the former Prosecutor General Piskun will testify in London at the invitation of Kolomoiskiy.

Last year, police opened criminal proceedings after the statement Piskun, but against the wishes of Kuchma's son-in their confrontation has not been assessed. A Kolomoysky tried to sue Pinchuk in London to two years in prison for the pressure on the witness. But last week the High Court refused to consider an appeal of the governor of Dnepropetrovsk.

And now - a bit of history. Untrained readers to easily get lost in the names and dates. However, as discussed, largely explains the processes in Ukrainian politics.

So, in 2005, against Igor Kolomoisky to initiate criminal proceedings for attempted murder of lawyer Sergei Karpenko, who crossed the road Kolomoisky at the plant "DSS".

Karpenko was summoned to the office Kolomoiskiy, where he asked the lawyer to beat the situation with the Shareholders' Meeting on "Dneprospetsstal" to which was refused. A few weeks later there was an attempt on the first partner Karpenko, and then on the very lawyer. Sergey Karpenko miraculously survived after the attack on him with hammers, iron rods and knives.

It turned out that the attack organized Kolomoiskiy guard named Nikitin, who did not live up to this revelation - he was found dead as a result of the alleged suicide, but after the exhumation of graves on his body found traces of violence - a lot of stab wounds.

In summer 2005, the decision to institute proceedings against the Prosecutor General's Office investigator Kolomoiskiy signs Sholodko Igor and his visa puts Deputy Attorney General at the time, Victor Shokin.

Sholodko - remember that name, because today this man carried to the grave all the secrets of the criminal case Kolomoiskiy.

So, the summer of 2005 the investigator Sholodko luck in Kiev Pechersk court representation for detention Kolomoiskiy and oligarch at this point leaves Ukraine, explaining allergy to ragweed.

However, at the request of the Prosecutor General Piskun on the same day Sholodko withdraws from the court (!) Representation of the detention Kolomoiskiy. Although at that time the judge held a hearing and decided to take Kolomoiskiy custody.

These events were preceded by negotiations with the envoys Kolomoiskiy Piskun, who allegedly paid the then Attorney General of the amount of 40-50 million dollars for the closure of the case against him.

Thereafter, the cleaning business Karpenko same investigator Sholodko. Kolomoisky, who was hiding abroad, met in Turkey with the investigator and gave him the testimony in the case Karpenko, which completely contradicted the testimony not only of the Karpenko, but the inner circle Kolomoiskiy - Timur Novikov and Mikhail Kiperman.

And, instead of confrontation, the same Sholodko closes the case Kolomoiskiy (!) Of Article 6, paragraph 2, of the Criminal Procedure Code - the lack of evidence. Good, but not enough. That the case was closed for sure, lawyers Kolomoiskiy (among them - his current deputy Svyatoslav Oleynik) at the end of 2005 are ... Babushkinskiy District Court in Dnipropetrovsk and get the judge's decision to close the case Kolomoiskiy on Article 6 § 1 - the absence of evidence of a crime!

The absurdity of the situation is that such matter jurisdiction only ... Kiev Pechersk district court at the location of the Prosecutor General.

All this occurs in 2005.

And in 2013 th Pinchuk starts lawsuit against Kolomoiskiy in London because of the actions of the Krivoy Rog iron ore (the asset - part of the notorious "Ukrrudprom" nationalize Kolomoysky who suggested a few weeks ago).

In an effort to prove the involvement of Kolomoiskiy to order the assassination of Karpenko, Pinchuk reanimates the case. He initiated the persecution of Dnepropetrovsk judges unlawfully dismissed the case against Kolomoiskiy on Article 6 § 1 of the CCP.

Through their representatives (among them - former deputy prosecutor general goods) son-in-Kuchma "zabombit" Prosecutor General's Office first, and then the Pechersk court statements demanding to bring charges of improper closure of the case Karpenko.

One of the defendants in this process was to be an investigator Sholodko. However, the fate of this man was tragic. "It Kolomoiskiy", which he opened and then closed, it became a turning point in his life. In speed after the events described in 2005 Sholodko left of the Prosecutor General and moved to Zhitomir.

In the summer of 2014 Pinchuk through the Prosecutor General and the courts will initiate a new investigation into the circumstances in Kolomoiskiy, one of the defendant which was supposed to be Sholodko. Accidentally or not, August 4, 2014 Sholodko was conscripted Krasnogvardeisk-Kirov Military Commissariat of Dnepropetrovsk (in another letter to the Ministry of Defence said that Sholodko called Industrial Samara recruitment office Dnipropetrovsk region) - although he lived, as you know, in Zhitomir. He went to serve in the area ATO where in contact with the environment Kolomoiskiy.

And November 30, 2014, former Prosecutor General's Office investigator Igor Sholodko ... died in Donetsk airport. Buried 4 December 2014 in Zhytomyr.

Rock of fate was that of the same date - December 4, 2014 - a decision dated Kiev Pechersk court, which ordered the Prosecutor General to investigate the circumstances of closing the same Sholodko "case Kolomoiskiy" set forth in the complaint Pinchuk.

Thus, the death of one of the key witnesses who had direct relation to the opening and then closing the case Kolomoiskiy. This chronology of events, I do not blame anyone. I know that the Prosecutor General Viktor times Shokina interested in the circumstances of the events, and the name sounds Sholodko in many high offices.

What happened next and how all the facts become known to the leadership of the country - read the blog soon Mustafa Nayem on the "Ukrainian truth".