Police harass HLS/SHAC solidarity protesters in DC

On the 23ed of October, protesters leaving a SHAC-UK(sentencing) solidarity protest at the Georgetown home of Abbot Fund Vice President John Richardson were threatened by police with arrest for tinted windows in a car, for "incommoding" and for refusing to provide ID. All the threats were shown to be bluffs by the fact that if cops can arrest you, they DO arrest you, they do not bluster and threaten. In particular, there is now law in DC against not carrying ID!

Two HLS-related targets received peaceful but very noisy protests that day-Michael Pace of Goldman-Sachs, 1632-B 19th st NW, and John Richardson of Abbot Fund, at 2732 P st NW. There were no problems at Michael Pace's place, minor neighbor problems at John Richardson's-and a police attack against protesters afterwards when people returned to their car.

The protests were held in solidarity with the SHAC-UK defendants, six good activists bein sentenced, possibly to long prison terms, in Britain for peaceful, legal protests just like these two. In addition, Michael Pace was warned that for his company, Goldman-Sachs to send 75 Capitol police with guns (via a false report of shots fired) against protesters at the Goldman-Sachs office at 101 Constitution Ave would just send protesters to his home in addition!
- video encodings still in process -