New French Active Protection for Armored Vehicules

SHARK SYSTEM (System HArd Kill)
Shark is a ground-breaking solution for vehicle protection, using a revolutionary optopyrotechnic system. It has been awarded by the Prix Chanson this year.
The Prix Chanson, named after Engineer General Paul Chanson, who created it, is awarded each year by the French defence procurement agency in recognition of an outstanding contribution to progress in the field of land armaments. This year, Thales subsidiary TDA and the Institut Saint Louis have been selected for their work in the field of optopyrotechnic initiation and its application in countermeasures for the active protection of armored vehicles and their occupants. This innovation has been brought to a successful conclusion, with the concrete application SHARK.

This ground-breaking technology actually utilizes several optopyrotechnic detonators with laser ignition. The SHARK active protection system is designed to protect armored fighting vehicles from shaped charge (Rocket Propelled Grenade and anti-tank missiles) and IED (Improvised Explosive Device) while degrading the potential threat of KE threats. The system provides full 360 degrees hemispherical coverage, with distributed, overlapping sensor-countermeasures modules located all around the vehicle. Each module covers a specific sector, detecting any threat fired toward the vehicle and engaging it by blast effect at close-in range, specifically designed to comply with operational restrictions of specific environments.
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