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Obama's Al Qaeda Connection

Barack Obama has been working in conjunction with an Al Qaeda front group to back the overthrow of a government which has cooperated with the US in the war on terror. He has done this through extensive support of Raila Odinga, who seeks to establish an Islamic supremacist government as well as a terrorist 'safe haven' in Kenya. The Al Bakri group has been using oil industry connections to funnel enormous amounts of money to Odinga in support of his efforts to Islamify Kenya. This support continues even as Barack Obama makes use of taxpayer funds to campaign in support of Odinga's efforts. The Al Bakri group has long been established (through the so-called "Golden Chain" document) as a front organization for the movement of Al Qaeda funds - and it is the same Al Bakri group that serves as the primary financial basis of support for Barack Obama's cousin Odinga.

Added: Nov-3-2008 
By: livingonplanetZ
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