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2 examples of American armed insurrection against tyrannical government.

yes, against corrupt Democrats as you probably imagined...

The Battle of Athens
by Lones Seiber

The American Heritage Magazine

The GIs came home to find that a political machine had taken over their Tennessee county. What they did about it astounded the nation.

In McMinn County, Tennessee, in the early 1940s, the question was not if you farmed, but where you farmed. Athens, the county seat, lay between Knoxville and Chattanooga along U.S. Highway 11, which wound its way through eastern Tennessee. This was the meeting place for farmers from all the surrounding communities. Traveling along narrow roads planted with signs urging them to "See Rock City" and "Get Right with God," they would gather on Saturdays beneath the courthouse elms to discuss politics and crops. There were barely seven thousand people in Athens, an


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  • There is no defense against the Wall of Text...

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  • I want a french style revolution..."OFF with their heads" playing soccer with politicians heads

    Posted Jul-24-2010 By 

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  • worth a read, story of real Americans fighting back!

    Posted Jul-24-2010 By 

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  • yesterday, was said that 15K web sites/forums/chat rooms support terror activities: while islam is the highlight of the article, anyone with a position counter to .gov's would be swept up in this categorization...any and exceptions. The .gov would shut all of them down, taking innocents with it as they do so many other things in the US: ammunition, firearms, free speech...any real or assumed threat and everyone gets registered, thumbprinted (California, just passed for ammo), searched (t More..

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  • Athens, TN, is about 60 miles down the road from me. I went down there in 1995 to research the Battle of Athens. I went to the local library and historical society and asked about it. The archivist showed me some newspaper clippings but nothing else. I asked what the problem was and she seemed embarrased. She explained there was still alot of bad blood between locals over the incident from fifty years before and they simply decided not to keep any records about it.

    Back then, Boss Crump ran t More..

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  • Mob rule.
    How patriotic.

    Posted Jul-24-2010 By 

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  • So your openly calling for a civil war? about time

    when you will see all of the civilized world side with the democrat, I dont think you will find war so attractive anymore...

    Posted Jul-24-2010 By 

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  • The Jewish Bolshevik Revolution has arisen within the United States of America. The Soviet Russians have the Hammer and Sickle, the Soviet Chinese have the Red Star. Soviet America, it is Time for the Stars and Stripes to go.

    OBAMA 2012!!!! Long Live the Revolution!!!

    Posted Jul-24-2010 By 

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