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Barack Obama - The "Mansourian" Candidate

An amazing story! Barack Obama is not the first man to run for the presidency of the United States with weird radical friends, hidden influences, and a mysterious background. He's just the least experienced. Find out about an amazing synchronicity of events in this stunning video released just in time for you to be a little ahead of the curve. Barack Obama has desired to be President of the United States since he was six years old. Now we know that some other intriguing people took an interest in him for the same reason, not too much later. If you want to understand the election drama unfold for 2008, with McCain, Palin, Alan Keyes, and Joe Biden in the center stage of American politics, be sure to watch this video. Find out why Sarah Palin is shifting the focus of the election!

Added: Oct-6-2008 
By: livingonplanetZ
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