Baby Wallaby Stuck in Open Waters Rescued via Jet Ski

A baby wallaby who was stuck in open water was rescued on August 18, but not before kicking a few well-meaning kayakers in the head. A jet ski operator named Jonah Cooper was called to rescue a wallaby which was seen jumping into the Noosa River and swimming in circles in a disorientated state.

Cooper rode his jet ski out into open water where a pair of men in kayaks were attempting to rescue the animal. They were met with kicks to the head.

“How the kayaker thought he was going to hold a wallaby and paddle to shore seemed to have eluded him,” Cooper said.
When Cooper went to collect the wallaby by the tail, he said the man in the kayak seemed relieved to hand it over as it was still thrashing about. Holding the terrified and confused animal away from him in one hand and operating the jet ski with the other, Cooper released the wallaby back onto the beach where it quickly hopped off past a caravan park. Credit: Jonah Cooper


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