Swedish woman didn't want to call the police after Iraqi tried to rape her: 'I feel sorry for him because he is a refugee'

Woman didn't want to call the police: ''I feel sorry for him because he is a refugee'

The 28-year-old Iraqi man was so unhappy with the standard of asylum in Finland that he chose to return to Sweden, and rape a Swedish woman on the way.

The woman did not want to notify the police at first, because of situation: the poor rapists was a refugee.

But now the rapist has been convicted to imprisonment and deportation by the district court, which also states that he is not a refugee at all.

The rape took place on the night of October 10 at a night train between UmeƄ and Sundsvall.

The woman had booked a shared compartment and ended up in a compartment with three Arab men, who woke up when she stepped in. She wanted to show sympathy with the men because they were asylum seekers and bought among other things sandwiches to them.

They were drinking vodka and singing, but after a while the 28-year-old began to touch the woman, who twice had to tell him to stop. After a while the woman went to bed but woke up some time later by the Iraqi who was about to rape her.

The woman fought him off, ran from the compartment and made contact with a train attendant.

"The train attendant asked if he should call the police. At first she did not want that, because she did not want to put NN, who are seeking asylum, in a difficult situation. She felt sorry for him [...] and was afraid that he would be deported to Iraq," reads the court documents.

But she was persuaded to report it to the police, and the 28-year-old was arrested when the train stopped in Hudiksvall, www.friatider.se/v-ldtagen-kvinna-ville-inte-polisanm-la-det reports.

He was sentenced by the Sundsvall District Court to one year in prison. He must also pay SEK 85,000 in damages to the woman.

Moreover, it appeared that the raped woman's fear comes true - the man will be deported back to Iraq with a re-entry to Sweden ban for five years.

The District Court could conclude that he had not been at any risk in Iraq, but only traveled to the Nordic countries to seek asylum for economic reasons.

"According to the Migration Board, it appears that the situation in some parts of Iraq is serious. NN has, however, stated that he did not flee from Iraq because of war and that there is no risk that he will be imprisoned or persecuted if he returns to that part of the country where he comes from," reads the verdict.


'Sweden now has the second highest number of rapes in the world, after South Africa, which at 53.2 per 100,000 is six times higher than the United States. Statistics now suggest that 1 out of every 4 Swedish women will be raped.'


Meanwhile, that country's government sure has its priorities straight.