Meet Mikael Skillt, Swedish Sniper

Mikael Skillt is a Swedish trained sniper who came to Ukraine to kill 'Russians'. He brags about killing dozens of Russians, but what he really means is ethnic Russian Ukrainian civilians.

He's a member of Azov battalion, and a shameless self-promoter.

The propaganda hack Nolan Peterson wrote the following article about Skillt:

Skillt's is now Nolan Peterson's biggest fanboy, and has become Graham Phillip's biggest stalker enemy.

Prior to coming to Ukraine, Skillt was an outspoken neo-nazi--and still is. Skillt came to Ukraine after his wife left him in Sweden.

Azov has launched a campaign to try and prop Mikael Skillt into some kind of hero, spearheading the Russians in Ukraine myth. In reality Skillts is a rapist and a cop killer by his own admissions.

Note: The guy interviewing Skillt is one of Azov's propaganda people, who posts here often under a number of different accounts. So another face to remember.

Looking forward to seeing both these guys appearing as MA pictures on LL