Luton 2012 - A girl comes home and is disgusted by an Islam protest.

Like this girl I left Britain a long-time ago and I cannot believe what I am seeing. It's time to challenge the politicians, human rights activists, religious leaders and the press, who have allowed this situation to develop. It needs to be done through the ballot box - use your vote wisely and do it now - they currently represent 3% of the population - with time and an increase in size and their political influence you will be faced with 2 options - capitulate or stand and fight. In the long-run British culture and pride will be restored and if it comes to a fight (which I hope it won't) these Islamic extremist will see how the British can fight if pressed to do so.

The great irony here is that I am in NO way racist, I live in a multi-cultural society, i have dated girls from different countries and religious backgrounds, I have muslim friends. The country where i live and work is well policed with a balanced immigration policy protecting the nationals of the country where I am a host, I respect the laws here and I respect their religion. I also accept that when I no longer contribute to their society or I breach the laws and customs of my host country, I will no longer be welcome and forcibly invited to go home.

Another Irony is that they have learned from the failed policy of immigration in the UK and based their model on 'how not to do it' - I asked a mulsim friend of mine who worked at the airport why they took, the once solely dedicated "British Passport holders only" line down. His response was "British people were the minority in the line" and he asked me "Why did you give your country away?" - A very good question. Use that vote wisely people!