Inmate escapes when he jumps over the bar and runs out the door of the courtroom

The video of a man escaping a Middletown court last week has been released.

Donald Fugate's escape led police on a manhunt May 12.

A courtroom camera caught Fugate running from the court holding cell. He jumped over the bar and ran out the door of the courtroom. Court was not in session but one of the women who saw it went after Fugate and called for help.

Middletown Police tracked Fugate down almost two hours later. He didn't get far. He was hiding inside the nearby Sorg Paper warehouse.

Investigators said a supervisor told the court liaison who's in charge of inmates that he could leave the holding cell door open when it got hot in the room.

According to investigators, that's why the door was open and Fugate got out.

Investigators said that door will never be left open or unlocked again.

The employees involved will not be punished.

"I am grateful this didn't turn into a bigger deal," said Middletown Police Major Mark Hoffman. "Of course if this had been someone charged with a more serious crime, he would have been shackled going up there. It's rare that someone tries to escape from the jail in circumstances like this, it's virtually unheard of. Just a couple of times in my career. So it's not something that happens every day. At the same time, we were lax. We were lax in our security measures," said Hoffman.

Fugate was not shackled the day he escaped because he was facing a misdemeanor drug charge. Court policy is that only people accused of felonies are shackled.

Now Fugate's facing additional charges, including escape.