Over 100 arrests as Veterans protest the wars at White House

On December 16, the Veterans for Peace antiwar/pro-Wikileaks protest in front of the White House led to over 100 arrests.

One protester was locked to a lamp post, another to the White House fence by a Kryptonite bike lock around the neck. A third protester was forcibly dragged from the fence early in the protest, shortly after I heard the rattle of what sounded like a chain.

Shortly therafter I saw small papers being thrown over the White House fence, though I could not determine their nature. Were these military discharge papers or awards, emulating the famous 1971 Vietnam protest mentioned by a speaker?

In addition to demands for immediate withdrawal from both Iraq and Afghanistan, protesters also demanded the release of pfc Bradley Manning, accused of leaking information about US war crimes to Wikileaks, and an demanded an end to the US death and prosecution threats against Wikileaks staff.
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