Tsar Bomba Comparison

This is a comparison chart for the Tsar Bomba for those that don't know what a 50 megaton warhead looks like. According to the story the Russians were to design a 100 megaton warhead and decided to scale it back out of uncertainty of actual range and damage during the test. Nagasaki was tremendously smaller and still created massive damage.

This thing would flatten NYC and make the surrounding areas inhabitable.

"The weight and size of the Tsar Bomba limited the range and speed of the specially modified bomber carrying it and ruled out its delivery by an ICBM. Much of its high-yield destructiveness was inefficiently radiated upwards into space. It has been estimated that detonating the original 100 Mt design would have released fallout amounting to about 25 percent of all fallout emitted since the invention of nuclear weapons. Hence, the Tsar Bomba was an impractically powerful weapon. It was decided that a full 100 Mt detonation would create too great a risk of nuclear fallout, as well as a near certainty that the release plane (and crew) would be destroyed before it could escape the blast radius."