Up to 5 Atomic Bombs build by the Nazi's possibly found in Germany

The Jonastal (Jonas Valley) is one of the biggest mysteries of World War 2 and mainstream historians suggest it was one of the many secret Führer bunkers. There has been many activity underground and most of it hasn't been decently mapped and is much larger than the training area alone.

After WW2 it became a Russian military training area within the German Democratic Republic. Nowadays it is a German army training area, but it seems that there is a secret underground NATO base. This came to light when an excavator damaged a large power cable near the area which wasn't mapped. Within minutes Military Police appeared to see what was happened and people were harassed to keep their mouth shut.

Back in 2007 I had together with some others a guided tour by the German writer Thomas Mehner who has been researching the area for many years. He is convinced that the Nazi's have build the first atomic bombs and there is a steady rumor that the first 3 atomic bombs that were used by the USA (Trinity, Fat Boy and Little Boy), were in fact build by the Nazi's. It is rumored that the Nazi's had moral objections using them due to the power of destruction and the long lasting radiation.

All this is refuted by mainstream historians. But the evidence Mehner provided during the tour was very convincing, he showed lots of entries and he had found a map from the early 50's in which 2 underground testing canals for torpedo's were shown.

He also found remains of what could have been a reactor vessel and probes of it, and the surrounding area contained all ingredients to build an atomic bomb.
There are also several witness accounts who saw a very bright flash followed by a mushroom cloud and accounts of strange nightly excavations shortly in the area after the Berlin Wall fell.

It seems that General Patton possibly had secret orders to get a hold on these bombs before the Nazi's could use them and destroy all evidence so the USA could claim she had build the first atomic bomb. The Jonastal is situated near Ohrdruf, the first concentration camp that was liberated at the end of World War 2.

So this news of the possible atomic bombs seems to back it all, and it convinces me even more that the Nazi's have build the first atomic bombs.


By: HaunebuDrei (1817.16)

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Location: Ohrdruf, Germany